Tuesday, August 28, 2007

07-05-06 Lynn Woods

Undercliff Path

Walden Pond (not the famous one in Concord)

Steel Tower

Stone Tower

Pirate Cave

Near end of hike

07-05-06 Saugus Iron Works

07-05-06 Breakheart

Small ledge near Silver Lake

Silver Lake

Pearce Lake and Eagle Rock

View of Pearce Lake from Eagle Rock

Boston skyline from Castle Rock

Link Trail entrance

07-04-16 Boston Marathon

Bussey Brook

Bussey Brook

Bussey Brook

Bussey Brook

Muddy River near Fenway

Waiting for Marathon runners near Fenway

Advance car for lead Marathon runners (2:06)

Lead Marathon runners

Lead Marathon runners

07-04-15 Blue Hills Quincy

Hike canceled due to heavy rain!

07-04-07 Medford P&G

Winchester Reservoir

Pine Hill lookout tower

Middlesex Fells near Lawrence Hospital

Mystic River near Medford Square

Mystic River parkland

Lookout tower at Mystic River

Wellington Station tramway replacement

07-04-01 Blue Hills Skyline

Houghtons Pond parking lot

Small quarry on Skyline Trail

Zoom in on quarry photo

Skyline Trail descending Rattlesnake Hill

View towards Rattlesnake Hill

Quarry Hills Golf Course and Boston skyline

Harbor view with Rattlesnake Hill in foreground

Buck Hill lunch break

Is it a turtle, a whale, or an ancient alien?

Great Blue Hill lookout tower